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"Bridging the Gap between the rich and the poor through financial education, Christian Counseling, and advocating for the prevention of child abuse and sex trafficking."

Wealth Management Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit organization
who endeavors to bridge the gap between wealth and lack through financial education and Christain Counseling/Life Coaching.


Financial Literacy:  Through the use of both traditional classroom methods and our own innovative curriculum, we are prepared to equip our Wealth Students with knowledge, experience, and education to launch them into financial self-sufficiency.


Life Coaching and Christian Counseling: Provide affordable individual Life Coaching and Christian Counseling, as well as free services to the under-served.


Advocacy -  Preventing child abuse and sex trafficking via influencing legislation, training communities and providing resources.





Our vision is two-fold: 1) to develop financially self-sufficient people in our under-developed/ under-privileged communities and propel them to the attainment of their dreams and visions. 2) To aid in facilitating emotional and mental healing to those suffering in our under-served communities




It is the mission two-fold mission of Wealth Management Ministries to: 1) cultivate financial faith and prosperity through the teaching of biblical principles, financial education and deliverance of people from financial bondage. 2) cultivate the spirit of a strong mind through Life Coaching/Chrisitan Counseling that people might be set free.



Our programs are designed to educate, equip, empower and encourage. We have a heart for those in the under privileged/under developed communities and our at risk populations.




MinisterAnnie Bell has been in the Financial Services field  for over 10  years  with such companies as  Wachovia  and  American Express Financial  Advisors where   she   received her Advisory licenses (series 7, 66, life andhealth).  In Jan. 2008, she launched out toward her own entrepreneurial dreams and opened WealthManagement  Financial solutions,  Inc., parent company of Wealth Management Financial Services, LLC.


In 2015, she earned her degrees in Psychology - Life Coaching Cognate, Religion and a minor in Christian Counseling in order to open the Life Coaching and Christian Counseling arm of the ministry.




We recognize that once a victim of Sex Trafficking is rescued, they need a safe, secure and nurturing environment.  For this very reason Wealth Management Ministries, ,Inc. will provide transitional housing where survivors can recieve couseling, life skill training and access to resources.  



This is a three month program that equips our Wealth Students for the attainment of their Entrepreneurial and/or Career goals. Each Wealth Student will be assigned a Wealth Coach who will teach, develop and empower their students. After completion of the program, each Wealth Student will have an individual financial plan as well as tools and education according to their respective aspirations (needs based tuition available).   Programs are available for adults and youth.


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